AI Based Pallet Inspection System

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AI Based Pallet Inspection System 

This is a state-of-the-art AI/sensor/motion-control software platform, that
allows machines to mimic manual activity on supply chains. It is the “brain” of a robot. The software is application and equipment agnostic. With Fourteen years of product development, Neocortex is an extremely broad platform with
deep application capabilities. It has executed over Three Hundred Million cycles in the field, moving practically anything that flows through a supply chain. In the event of a fault, the software will analyze the issue and engage methods for maintaining throughput. Data is captured from the event and provided for further analysis.


  • A fast collision detection and obstacle avoidance module filters the machine’s 6D pose in real time preventing collisions between the robot, end effector and work space.
  • It determines which part should be picked next based on the
    state of the system. It registers a list of pick choices then coordinates sequencing in rapid order.
  • It combines the machine’s report of success or failure to pick a part, and uses that data to determine the success probability of the next pick. Parts that fail to pick are black-listed for a few cycles before attempting again.


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Nail Inspection Info Sheet


• Process Improvements: Seamless product tracking, manifest building, 3D pallet modeling
• AI remains current as learning algorithms update based on experience.
• Keep pace with supply chain changes and technology innovation.
• Continuous improvement to supply chain efficiencies.
• Constant evolution to match customer pain.
• Customer feedback and KPI’s are incorporated quickly.
• Software safety protocols are up-to-date.
• Includes maintenance, upgrades and tech support.
• 24/7 live remote support from a domestic engineer with a 15 min or less response time.
• On-going training, technology review, and roadmap to future improvements.
• Digital Twins analysis
• Scales fast within a plant or across the organization.
• Less expensive than traditional maintenance agreements.
• 15% reduction in organizational cost.
• Better financial metrics than capital procurement.
• Reduce demand on your internal IT department expecting them to match our expertise.

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