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Bar Code Software & Hardware


PRS sells bar coding software and hardware systems for tracking pallet inventory, production and more. This technology will help bring real-time information from your plant floor into your office. We offer pallet stop gate systems that index one pallet at a time through a bar code scanner, steel scanner stands with specialized hoods to control ambient light, and label dispensers and stands for employee workstations.

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Pallet Track software by Innovative Data Systems is the tried and true leader in pallet software. By adding Pallet Track to your repair line you will quickly realize many benefits. Pallet Track helps you identify pallets that are not repaired correctly and the employee who repaired it. You can calculate different piece rates for different pallets - for each employee. Production is no longer treated as a group and you'll be able to reward employees who work harder. Take the guesswork and employee theft out of pallet repair programs and compile data for inventory and cost controls. In short, your repair line makes your employee's job easier, and Pallet Track software makes yours easier! PRS is a premier distributor of Innovative Data Systems products.


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Pallet Track


  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Set grades for each stacker or equipment
  • Track up to 12 different stackers or equipment
  • Group Stackers together or keep equipment separate
  • Calculates Pallet Repair Programs for individual loads
  • Accurately tracks production without human intervention
  • Calculates Production Flow per Hour
  • Graphical Interface
  • Connects through PLC or use optional Communication Interface Equipment

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