Block Pallet Assembly Jig

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Pneumatico PT-1900 Block Pallet Assembly Jig

Pneumatico PT-1900 is a universal machine for nailing wooden pallets of different sizes. Nail guns are suspended from an overhead roller track for easy and flexible access. Pneumatico PT-1900's design provides both convenience and operator comfort. It guarantees an increase in production efficiency, saves space (footprint of only 35.5 square feet) and reduces the costs related to preparing various templates for different pallet sizes.  


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  • Streamlines and facilitates daily workflows, and increases productivity 
  • Provides an adjustable template for stringer pallets (up to 5 stringers) and blocks (up to 9 blocks), including EUR and GMA
  • Can be operated by a single person
  • Can be quickly adjusted from one pallet to another 
  • Includes pneumatic functions for clamping blocks and lifting finished pallets 
  • Easy to operate and minimizes operator strain through the suspension of nail guns from the overhead roller track


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