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Four Point Frame Press

Manufacturing top frames efficiently with a high production rate is essential to be profitable. You can't compete in the market if your labor per piece is too high.

PRS Top Frame Press machines provide the solution. Designed for simple operation, and adjustable for various frame sizes, these machines make quick work of frame manufacturing with metal connectors.

The PRS Four Point Frame Press is a production machine for the manufacture of top frames. A single, high pressure, hydraulic system powers 4 press cylinders at the push of a single button to quickly press metal connector plates into the 4 boards of a top frame.


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      Larry Streadbeck Pallet ExpressSalt Lake City, UT

Designed for one or two operators, these machines typically produce around 60 frames per man hour. 110 volt single phase electrical required. Standard machine produces frames ranging from 36" x 46" up to 46" x 58" in overall size. The standard machine can handle plates up to 3" x 4" in size. It is offered in a horizontal design for a two operator process and an incline version that is designed for one operator.

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