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Pallet Platers


Pallet plating is simply the best way to repair cracked stringers of pallets to a "better than new" condition. And with the broad line of Pallet Doctor Platers to choose from, PRS can provide you with the best solution for your particular needs.



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Pallet Doctor Model TS1100

Our most popular model, the Pallet Doctor TS1100, offers solid performance and versatility. It utilizes a two stage pump that produces 10,000 psi of hydraulic pressure to quickly repair any cracked stringer. The power unit operates on 110 volt single phase and is energy efficient because it only runs while the cylinder is making a cycle. The TS1100's combination of value and function just may make it the perfect choice for your pallet repair operation.

Pallet Doctor Model TS1200 Plating Machine

The TS1200 takes performance a step farther with an ultra fast hydraulic power unit. This high performance pump completes a plating cycle in just 2 seconds! If you are looking for a mid range plater with muscle, the TS1200 is the one.

Pallet Doctor Model 2000

3 Phase/7.5hp Hydraulic System (2 sec. cycle) Plating Machine
The Model 2000 is simply the fastest, most productive plater on the market. It's unique double cylinder press design and a 7.5 horsepower hydraulic system completes a press cycle in just 2 seconds. All movement is controlled by convenient one touch push buttons. And as with all Pallet Doctor plating machines, the Model 2000 is built on a rugged, tubular steel frame for years of dependable service. This may be the last plater you'll ever buy.

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