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An automated pallet repair system from PRS provides many benefits. PRS repair lines will boost production, reduce labor, improve ergonomics and the quality assurance of your products.

“Just so you know, we couldn’t be happier. It’s unbelievable the improvements it made in production. We’ve cut 8 employees and increased production 35 percent! We also have lowered our percentage of non sellable pallets through increased accountability, which the automation provided. We cut ALL production overtime out, saving us $$$.”
Greg Bowen
Bo's Pallets,

Industry leading companies who rely on PRS repair lines:
  • Arbor Industries, Lincoln, NE
  • Atlanta Pallets, Atlanta, GA
  • Bo’s Pallets, Adairsville, GA
  • Chicago Pallet, Bedford Park, IL
  • Correa Pallet, Pixley, CA
  • Girard Wood Products, Puyallup, WA
  • Greenway Pallet, Baltimore, MD
  • Pallet Brokers, Sparks, NV
  • Salco, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Starnes Pallets, Charlotte, NC
  • Taylor Made Pallets, San Antonio, TX


    Check out what our clients have to say
    • We've bought PRS equipment for years because of their experience, knowledge, and integrity. Their machinery is well built and designed for production. We do business based on trust and they do too.

      Michael Soper President
      Service Pallet
      Chicago, IL

What was once very hard work is now safe, efficient, and ergonomically friendly.  With an automated pallet repair system from PRS you’ll see your labor and forklift costs go down and your productivity go up.  Job training and hiring will become easier.  Inventory and piece rate tracking will be automatic and the data will stream to the pc in your office.  Efficient, effective automation of the pallet repair process is just a phone call away.  Call PRS to discuss the parameters of your company’s needs and see why so many of our customers’ only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.

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