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Mechanized pallet sortation increases production and improves pallet inspection. A PRS pallet sortation system also eliminates the heavy lifting and unnecessary, wasted motion of manual pallet sorting.

Industry leading companies who rely on PRS sort lines:

BDL Supply, Indianapolis, IN
Crate & Pallet Packaging, Beardstown, IL
Pallet Logistics of America, San Antonio, TX
Pal-Serv, Balch Springs, TX
Progress Pallet, Middleboro, MA
Timpack Industries, Hamilton, New Zealand


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    • The team at PRS has served my company extremely well over the years. Whether we were purchasing entire systems, individual components to integrate into an existing work cell, or simply needed plates or a pry bar, PRS was there for us. The products have held up extremely well in our crazy environment and the sales staff at PRS has proven to be a great resource for information and advice.

      James Ruder President
      L & R Pallet/Envirocycle
      Denver, CO

Employ a system in your operation that will allow just one operator to inspect and sort hundreds of pallets per hour – effortlessly.

  • No manual lifting, carrying, or stacking of pallets
  • Push button operation
  • Improves quality control of the inspection and sortation process – centralized operator training

Automatic data collection and inventory tracking – from the factory floor to your office


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