Robotic Stackers & Sorters

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Robotic Stackers & Sorters 

If you face continuous manual sorting of extra pallets remaining after all others have been allocated to put-away or shipping, Universal has a cost effective automated solution to solve the problem.

The Neocortex Pallet Sorter has been proven to save up to $300K in operating expenses, including reductions in labor, number of forklifts, injuries, and floor space, while improving outbound trailer density of relinquish pallets by 30%.

The difference from traditional pallet sorting solutions is Universal’s AI/sensor/robot-control software “brain”, Neocortex. Neocortex can easily identify all pallet types, be they CHEP, PECO, plastic, or white wood. Historically, this identification process required manual supervision. It handles wet pallets, debris, slip sheets, and plastic wrap. Watch the system in action:

Neocortex Pallet Sorter can sort up to 350+ pallets an hour with 99% accuracy. Stacks are built 18 pallet high with +/- ½ inch of placement accuracy, resulting in uniform loads.

The Neocortex Pallet Sorter can be purchase with the required Neocortex software subscription, or leased. If leased, the software subscription is included. Leasing eliminates the capital procurement process and gives operators a fast reduction in expenses. Call to discuss your application details.


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Robotic Pallet Sorter Info Sheet

  • Robotic pallet stacking and/or destacking for repair lines and sort lines.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine vision based pallet inspection and sortation systems.

  • Quality control & pallet inspection systems – AI + machine vision based.

  • Custom designed systems specific to your needs, call to discuss your application today.

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