Stack-O-Matic Model APD Pallet Dispensers

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Model APD Pallet Dispenser


An automatic pallet dispenser from PRS will eliminate the heavy lifting in many applications. Whether you need to have individual, empty pallets presented to a packaging robot or a fork truck a PRS pallet dispenser will make the job easier. Full stacks of pallets are automatically conveyed into the stack chamber and individual pallets are dispensed out the other side of the machine automatically upon demand.



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Also referred to as pallet de-stackers, these machines provide dependable dispensing of individual pallets from stacks.  They operate fully automatic when used in conjuction with a powered stack infeed conveyor and pallet outfeed conveyor.  Integration to downstream operations can send the PLC control of the machine to dispense another pallet on demand.   When the last pallet has been dispensed the machine sends a signal to the stack infeed conveyor which powers it on until a stack has been loaded in to the stack chamber.


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