Station Platers

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Station Platers


Two models which provide unique solutions to pallet plating. Whether you need to add plating to each repair station, you want to plate pallets on-site, or your just looking for a low cost entry level plater, Pallet Doctor Station Platers can take you there.


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Pallet Doctor Station Plater Model SSP

Bolt it to a table and plug in an air line and your plating pallets! It's the Model SSP, and it's our most economical means to plate pallets. A compact, rugged design allows this miniature powerhouse to plate any crack in a notched stringer. Imagine the benefits of providing each repair station with the ability to plate pallets. The Model SSP can eliminate presorting and unnecessary handling of pallets. And with it's air powered hydraulic system, the SSP is perfect for mobile and on-site plating.

Pallet Doctor Station Plater Model TSP

Think of it as the big brother to the Model SSP. The Model TSP offers all of the benefits of our smaller station plater with one major difference, a lightning quick four second cycle time. A two stage pump designed for heavy production requirements powers the TSP. It's energy efficient pump runs on 110 volt single phase which make the Model TSP's set up as complicated as plugging in a toaster. When you add all of the benefits to the ease of use and low cost, the Pallet Doctor Station Plater line makes a lot of sense.


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