Stringer-Mate Stringer Splicer

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Stringer-Mate Stringer Splicer


Stringer-Mate Stringer Splicers are designed to increase the yield of any pallet recycling operation. These splicing machines utilize FIVESTAR metal connector plates to splice short pieces of stringers that would otherwise be scrap. The spliced product can then be cut to length to produce a strong, recycled stringer.



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Model SS100

The Stringer-Mate Model SS100 provides a low cost solution to yield problems. The SS100 splicer comes complete with a 10,000 psi hydraulic package that is operated by compressed air. Start up of this rugged little power house consists of simply plugging in an air line. Operation is as easy as placing a couple of Fivestar Plates on the push blocks, positioning two stringer halves, and stepping on the foot switch. Within seconds the press cycle is complete and the stringer is ready for use!

Model SS200

The Stringer-Mate Model SS200 offers high production splicing for operations with higher volume requirements. A two stage pump produces a 4 second cycle time for a productive, efficient splicing operation. The hydraulic system requires only 110 volt, single phase electricity to operate.


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