Customer Story

Bo’s Pallets- Adairesville, GA

Recently Bo’s Pallets doubled the company’s existing facility size. Greg Bowen, president of Bo’s, explained, “Jeff Williams and his team at PRS put our original pallet repair system in back in 2001 and has given us great service for 19 years since, so I contacted him to help us with our planned expansion. Our process allows us to handle a pallet only one time without any pre-sorting. This issue PRS solved for us was how to automatically separate 25 pallet footprints using only 12 stackers without stopping the production.”

Bo’s doesn’t pre-sort pallets; instead, every pallet goes down the line and the focus is to reduce forklift and manual touches. Pallets are sorted into one of six PRS stackers. Conveyors transfer pallets to dismantler stations. “The repair line in a recycling plant sets the pace for the entire operation. The modifications by PRS increase our production approximately 35%.” PRS allows flexibility with your purchasing options. You can purchase a la carte or entire systems. This allows you to slowly grow your business rather than a huge investment upfront. No matter where you are in terms of size or layout, small or large, PRS can help you automate and reduce costs while improving efficiency.