Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Correa Pallet – Pixley, CA

Correa Pallet worked closely with Bob Coplea, a trusted PRS representative, and the engineers at PRS to design a repair line system that suits their specific needs. The objectives of the PRS improvements are efficiency, increased production, and to cut labor costs.

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Bo’s Pallets – Adairesville, GA

“We have no need to hand count pallets in our operation any more. Bar coding allows scanners to track core supplier numbers, production pay and inventory.” Since making the investment in this system, Bo’s Pallets has become one of the premier pallet companies in the Atlanta area.

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Bo’s Pallets- Adairesville, GA

“The repair line in a recycling plant sets the pace for the entire operation. The modifications by PRS increase our production approximately 35%.”

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Timpack - Hamilton New Zealand

“The automation with PRS has taken a substantial amount of material handling out of the process which has allowed Timpack to reduce labor requirements by half.”

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Cottondale Wood Products, La Porte, TX

This leading edge technology will allow 3 operators to produce more pallets per shift than the 20 employees on 2 nailing lines in the past.

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John Rock Inc., Coatesville, Pennsylvania

“At John Rock, we focus on production, high-volume production, and quality. We’ve had every brand of high speed nailer, And we’re now working towards standardizing with CAPE nailer. We think they are the best nailers available, and our results have been fantastic.” Bill MacCauley, President of John Rock, Inc.

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