Customer Story

Bo’s Pallets – Adairesville, GA

Before the PRS solution, Bo’s Pallets and Mulch Inc. primarily used forklifts and bins for moving pallets and lumber. This old system worked; however, it was very labor intensive and costly from a forklift perspective.

Greg Bowen, president of Bo’s Pallets, said “When designing our system of product flow, I could not find a solution for moving dismantled boards and stringers to the end trim saws separately without creating labor and forklift traffic. PRS was able to solve this issue by installing a three-tier conveyor. One conveyor takes scrap lumber to our grinder, another takes the deck boards to an end trim saw, and the third conveyor takes the stringers to another PRS end trim saw. This allowed minimal use of space and labor.”

Automation has also improved order accuracy because the PRS line was integrated with a tracking system by Innovative Data Systems. Bowen described, “We have no need to hand count pallets in our operation any more. Bar coding allows scanners to track core supplier numbers, production pay and inventory.” Since making the investment in this system, Bo’s Pallets has become one of the premier pallet companies in the Atlanta area.