Optimax OM-2 Trim Saw

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Optimax OM-2 Trim Saw


If you need to end trim deckboards or stringers, new or recycled, PRS chain fed trim saws are the ultimate tool for you. OPTIMAX end trim saws are simply the fastest, most productive, efficient, and safest way to end trim lumber.

At up to 3,000 boards per hour an OPTIMAX saw can keep up with the highest of production demands. As fast as the operator can place lumber onto the saw, the machine can cut it. The lumber is brought into the saw with precision infeed chains, and cut off waste slides down a scrap chute away from the saw blade. After being cut, the lumber flows onto a discharge deck for stacking or conveying.

For the most demanding production requirements consider the Optimax OM-2. Every feature and function are designed for maximum production capacity. A 7.5 hp saw motor blasts through end trimming of hardwood. The OM-2 saw has a 3 feed chain design which is ideal for longer lengths. Its horizontal deck also provides for our optional length sort system which drops the 4 different board lengths automatically in to lumber bins, thereby eliminating the need to batch cut, or tail the saw with another operator.

The unique design of these saws also provides optimization of each and every board. Three adjustable stops are standard equipment on OPTIMAX saws. As the operator places the lumber onto the saw the length stops help to optimize each board for maximum efficiency. And with the optional length sort system the OPTIMAX will also handle the sortation process.




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    • Thanks to PRS for the service provided on our machinery needs and especially working with us on designing, building, and installing our first repair line. From the first phone call to the install, all have been very helpful, patient, and professional.

      Daven Lucy OwnerVirginia Pallets & Wood LLCLawrenceville, VA


  • Variable Speed Feed
  • Length Sortation System
  • 10 hp Saw Motor (Adder)
  • Scrap Conveyor
  • Mechanical Board Counter
  • Extended Loading Deck


  • Single End Trim
  • 3 Chain Feed Conveyor
  • 7.5 hp Saw Motor
  • Flat Deck
  • Twin V Belt Drive
  • 12” Blade Standard (.30 m)
  • 1 hp Feed Motor
  • 10" to 14" Blade Capacity/1" Arbor (.25 to .35 m)
  • Four Adjustable Swing Stops Included
  • 20" to 58" Output Capacity (.45 to 1.47 m)
  • Steel Roller Chain Guides
  • 2300 Boards Per Hour Capacity

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