Customer Story

Cottondale Wood Products, La Porte, TX

PRS recently installed a CAPE Tandem nailing line with robotic material handling automation at Cottondale Wood Products facility in La Porte, TX. This leading edge technology will allow 3 operators to produce more pallets per shift than the 20 employees on 2 nailing lines in the past. And even more impressive, of these 3 operators, only 1 handles any wood, the other 2 operators are simply monitoring the machine, and refilling nail hoppers. This nailing system is designed to exclusively manufacture block style pallets and has a unique design which utilizes a CAPE Mach 1 nailer with 1 robot for the top mat production, and a CAPE Tandem line with 3 robots for the pallet assembly processes. Optional modules included in this line are branding, corner and board trimming/shaping.