Fivestar Pallet Plates

FIVESTAR Pallet Plates

"Platinas Clavadoras – Platinas Paleta"

Repair Cracked Stringers With Metal Connector Plates

Metal connector plates have been proven to repair cracked stringers in wooden pallets to a better-than-new condition. They are an economical means to a high-quality repair.

The FIVESTAR Pallet Plate Advantage

FIVESTAR Pallet Plates have been designed specifically for use in wooden pallets. FIVESTAR Pallet Plates FIVESTAR plates are available in several sizes to fit different needs, sizes. The FIVESTAR brand ensures you of the highest quality standards plate after plate, box after box, skid after skid. 

Pallet plate specifications:

  • 20 gauge galvanized steel - ASTM A446
  • FIVESTAR Pallet Plates - Minimum galvanized coating G60
  • 5.2 teeth per square inch design
  • .330" tooth length
  • Manufactured under strict quality control measures

Benefits to using FIVESTAR plates:

  • Stringers repaired with plates maintain a higher grade of pallet = higher sales price
  • FIVESTAR Pallet Plates extend the life of a pallet
  • Plates are a much stronger repair method than corrugated fasteners
  • Plates are more economical, efficient, and better repair than companion stringers (plugs)
  • Plating reduces unnecessary steps and will increase the yield of your reclaim operation
  • FIVESTAR Pallet Plates produce a higher quality product for your customer



Pricing is available upon request.

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