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PRS manufactures specialty metal fasteners such as FIVESTAR Log Plates. These plates are designed to protect logs from splitting as they dry between harvest and the mill. They are economically aimed to maximize the profit of your inventory.

Strong, Easy-to-Use Log Plates

  • The innovative design features high-strength, low alloy steel plates in a variety of sizes to fit various needs.
  • These log plates are easily attachable and create maximum holding power.
  • High Quality: Just like our FIVESTAR Pallet Plates, we ensure the highest quality plate after plate, box after box, skid after skid.

Check Out These Log Plates Specifications:

  • 20 gauge, galvanized steel plates- strong and rust-free
  • Punched holes on 1" centers each having 5 square backed teeth, with unique side barbs for maximum holding power
  • Easily attached with a regular hammer

Various Sizes:

Try our most popular- 2" x 4", or other standard sizes which include 2"x3", 3"x3", and 3"x4". Custom sizes are available in 3"x5" and 3"x6". Or, call to discuss a custom design with us today.

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