Automated Systems

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Mechanized pallet sortation increases production and improves pallet inspection. A PRS pallet sortation system also eliminates the heavy lifting and unnecessary, wasted motion of manual pallet sorting.

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Material Handling

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APD-X Pallet Dispensers High Speed Pallet Dispensers with adjustable pallet size capacity. Specifications: -Fully Automatic Operation -Live Pallet Infeed/Outfeed Chains -10 Pallets Per Minute Capacity -5+ hp Hydraulic Power Units -Variable Pallet Height Feature -Completely Guarded -Air Supply Required - 36" x 36" to 60" x 60" Capacity -Requires 7' x 7' Floor Space -(4) Air Powered Forks Support Pallets

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The PRS Miscellaneous pallet stacker is another innovative equipment solution from PRS that addresses the need to stack pallets of various sizes, types, and conditions into one stack. Often used in a pallet sortation process as the “All other grades” stacker, this machine can handle pallet size variation up to 12” in both dimensions (36”x 36” up to 48”x 48” for instance). The Miscellaneous stacker’s use of long fork tynes also provides for the automatic stacking of broken pallets in need or repair or tear down.

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Nailing Fixtures

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Plating Equipment

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3 Phase/7.5hp Hydraulic System (2 sec. cycle) Plating Machine The Model 2000 is simply the fastest, most productive plater on the market. It's unique double cylinder press design and a 7.5 horsepower hydraulic system completes a press cycle in just 2 seconds. All movement is controlled by convenient one touch push buttons. And as with all Pallet Doctor plating machines, the Model 2000 is built on a rugged, tubular steel frame for years of dependable service. This may be the last plater you'll ever buy.

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The Model TSP offers all of the benefits of our smaller station plater with one major difference, a lightning quick four second cycle time. A two stage pump designed for heavy production requirements powers the TSP. It's energy efficient pump runs on 110 volt single phase which make the Model TSP's set up as complicated as plugging in a toaster. When you add all of the benefits to the ease of use and low cost, the Pallet Doctor Station Plater line makes a lot of sense.

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The Stringer-Mate Model SS200 offers high production splicing for operations with higher volume requirements. A two stage pump produces a 4 second cycle time for a productive, efficient splicing operation. The hydraulic system requires only 110 volt, single phase electricity to operate.

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Processing Machinery

The BUILT-WELL line of single head stringer notchers. - Processes up to 3 stringers at a time. - Pnuematic power stringer clamping and automatic process cycle. - Safe operations with remote double palm button control. - Notcher inserts available for new or recycled wood. - S15 model - 15 horsepower, S20 model 20 horsepower - 3 phase electrical - complete with starter/disconnect/controls. - Air regulator and flow control systems included.

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Repair & Recycling

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Trim Saws

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If you need to end trim deckboards or stringers, new or recycled, PRS chain fed trim saws are the ultimate tool for you. OPTIMAX end trim saws are simply the fastest, most productive, efficient, and safest way to end trim lumber. At up to 3,000 boards per hour an OPTIMAX saw can keep up with the highest of production demands. As fast as the operator can place lumber onto the saw, the machine can cut it. The lumber is brought into the saw with precision infeed chains, and cut off waste slides down a scrap chute away from the saw blade. After being cut, the lumber flows onto a discharge deck for stacking or conveying.

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