Customer Story

Correa Pallet – Pixley, CA

Correa Pallet worked closely with Bob Coplea, a trusted PRS representative, and the engineers at PRS to design a repair line system that suits their specific needs. This operation had issues dealing with layout and standard operator procedures. The operator would repair and carry each pallet to one of four stacks. Each station had inbound stacks, a lumber bin, a waste bin, and four stacks of finished pallets. The objectives of the PRS improvements are efficiency, increased production, and to cut labor costs.

The new repair line installed by PRS tackled these issues with ease. A new layout now uses the power of conveyors to send prepped pallets to the repair station. Scrap boards are placed on the top belt conveyor and the finished product on the bottom tier roller conveyor. The repaired pallets have bar code labels applied which a scanner prior to the stacker bank reads and the system automatically directs the pallets to the appropriate stacker. This repair line system cuts labor costs, saves space, and makes the process more efficient. Jeff Williams, President of PRS, shared “Evaluating our customers’ processes, intended direction and fully understanding their needs is the basis that our solutions are derived from and built around. It is more than a machine sale, and the benefits realized prove it.”