Auto-Max Super Saw


Based in the latest technologies, and produced through two years of extensive research and development, the Auto-Max provides solutions to the most central issues of pallet lumber reclaim – optimizing of lumber and labor. With only 1 – 2 operators the Auto-Max can feed, scan, optimize, prioritize output end products, cut and sort multiple lengths/ widths/thickness categories – accurately and consistently at 3,000 boards per hour!


  • Unscrambler to singulate and feed boards
  • Multi-strand chain conveyor for operator tending and lumber scanning
  • Trap gate automatically removes unusable boards after scanning – before
  • Lugged chain conveyor with parallel justify rollers
  • High speed moving fence and direct drive double trim saw
  • Dual drop saws – positioning preset by PLC and servo motors

Machine deliveries beginning in Fall of 2021.