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About Us PRS Group manufactures and engineers innovative machinery and fastener solutions for the pallet and industrial wood products industry. Call (866) 546-8864. May 21, 2024
Home PRS Group is a pallet equipment and supply manufacturer offering pallet repair, recycling, sorting, equipment, machinery, and fastener systems. May 21, 2024
Product Detail May 7, 2024
Product Detail May 7, 2024
Quick Quote Get a quick quote from PRS Group Inc., and get solutions for your machinery and fastener needs in the pallet and industrial wood products industry. January 23, 2024
Frequently Asked Questions Review frequently asked questions for PRS Group about pallet repair and pallet recycling equipment, sales, leasing, shipping and more, or call 866-546-8864. January 23, 2024
News Detail Read the news from Pallet Repair and Recycling Equipment (PRS Group). January 23, 2024
Video Library PRS Group video library allows you to see our line of pallet material handling, plating and processing equipment in action. Call PRS Sales at 866-546-8864. January 23, 2024
News Read news and press releases from PRS Group, Inc. and learn about the pallet repair and recycling equipment industry. January 23, 2024
Search Results January 23, 2024
Products Search for products from Pallet Repair and Supply Group, supplying machinery and fastener solutions for the pallet and industrial wood products industry. January 5, 2024
Specialty Fasteners In need for high quantity metal stamped product? PRS thinks it may be worth having us manufacture for you. Call PRS at 866-546-8864 with your requirements. January 5, 2024
Plates & Fasteners PRS provides the best with our industry leading FIVESTAR pallet plates, Pallet Doctor Dismantling Bars, and more. Call 866-546-8864 for pricing and delivery. January 5, 2024
Contact PRS Contact PRS Group for innovative machinery and fastener solutions for the pallet and industrial wood products industry. Call PRS at 866-546-8864. January 5, 2024
Pallet Repair Services PRS offers on-site repair for pallet equipment, CAD layout proposals, installation or operator training on your pallet equipment and more. Call 866-546-8864. January 5, 2024
Pallet Plates PRS FIVESTAR Pallet Plates are designed specifically for use in wooden pallets. Review our pallet plate specs and reasons for using or call PRS at 866-546-8864. January 5, 2024
Log Plates FIVESTAR Log Plates are designed to protect logs from splitting as they dry between harvest and the mill to maximize profit. Call 866-546-8864 for pricing. January 5, 2024
Design Services PRS offers custom machinery design services that include conceptual design, machinery engineering, and contractual machinery design services. Call 866-546-8864. January 5, 2024
Installation Services Pallet Repair Systems provides installation and testing services for pallet machinery and automated sort/repair lines. Our team of ensure that your equipment is installed correctly. January 5, 2024
Job Shop Services Pallet Repair Systems designs for many industries, including agricultural, industrial, structural and more. Contact us for additional services. January 5, 2024
Customer Stories Read PRS customer stories and learn about manufacture and engineer machinery and fastener solutions for the pallet and industrial wood products industry. December 12, 2023
Machine Assembler / Mechanic PRS is hiring a machine assembler/mechanic. This position includes assembling and fabricating newly manufactured machine parts and products. Mechanics will conduct test runs on new equipment in the plant. Individuals must read, interpret and follow instructions from basic blueprints and diagrams. Previous experience with hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical components is required. September 5, 2023
Stamping Press Operator PRS is searching for a Stamp Press Operator. Operators are responsible for running a metal stamp press machine, count and package pieces, and load cartons ready for shipment. This position requires standing, bending, and lifting up to 50lbs. Operators are required to monitor equipment and adjust controls as needed. Previous experience as a press operator preferred.  September 5, 2023
Job Opportunities See the jobs available at Pallet Repair Systems, providing solutions to repair and recycle equipment and supply manufacturers. July 24, 2023
Mechanical Engineering Manager PRS is looking for a seasoned Mechanical Engineering Manager to inspire a team to deliver innovative solutions for our customers. In this role you will: April 11, 2023
Electrical Field Service Technician Join Pallet Repair Systems as an Electrical Field Service Technician. Install and repair new machinery systems. Learn more at April 11, 2023
Customer Story See what PRS Group Inc can do for your business. Read our customer stories for pallet repair and manufacturing solutions. October 18, 2021
Terms of Use Read the terms of use from PRS Group Inc., manufacturing and engineering machinery and fastener solutions for the pallet and industrial wood products industry. October 18, 2021
Refurbishing Services PRS equipment can be brought in for repair, updating, or complete overhaul. We also send technicians on-site to your facility for service. Call 866-546-8864. August 25, 2021
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Privacy Policy Read the privacy policy from PRS, Pallet Repair Systems. August 4, 2021
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Stack-O-Matic Tipper- Model AI & AI-X
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